Site Guidelines
The following guidelines apply to all content submitted through our site:
1. The idea behind a press release is to inform the media and the world of a newsworthy item. Be it a product, an organization, service or event, your press release must answer ALL the “W” questions such as why, who, where, when and what.

2. Press releases should be submitted in plain text to our press release form.

3. Submissions containing, but not limited to, content with phrases like “We/I believe” or “It’s My/Our Opinion” or words such as I, We, Us or Our, not used in quotations, will be regarded as an opinion article and will not be added to our website.

4. Advertisements will be rejected. Press releases must have substance and must represent real information that informs the readers, not sell to them.

5. If your press release contains any adult (18 or over) or pornographic material, or promotes any website with the aforementioned content, it will be rejected.

6. Do not use industry jargon or shorthand in your press release, write your press releases in plain narrative so that the general readership can comprehend.

7. When quoting someone or writing about other companies and products, make sure you obtain permission from the persons or companies you are referencing.

8. Where we deem necessary, AntiguaPressReleases will seek to verify any and all information contained in any press release before publication.